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Hearing problems can have a significant impact on your quality of life, especially your ability to communicate and connect with the people who matter most. A study by the National Council on Aging found that individuals with untreated hearing loss were more likely to suffer from depression, anxiety, and social isolation than those who use hearing aids. Our Tucson audiologists can help you manage your hearing health with a variety of services and devices.

A woman with a small, discreet hearing aid after a fitting from our Tucson audiologists

What is Aural Rehabilitation?

Aural rehabilitation is the process of identifying hearing loss and treating it with a mix of amplifying devices, such as hearing aids, and strategies for improved communication. At Alltones Audiology, we will guide you through the different steps of the rehabilitation process. Our treatments are based on your specific lifestyle, hearing concerns, and personal preferences.

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Hearing Evaluation

The first step in improving your hearing is to identify your type and degree of hearing loss through a hearing test. The process is quick, easy, and non-invasive. We also make it more convenient to complete necessary testing by bringing our audiological services to your home, rather than making you come to us.


A woman being fitted with a new hearing aid by one of our Tucson audiologists

Hearing Aids Selection, Fitting, and Orientation

Hearing aids are amplifying devices that can improve hearing for 95% of those with hearing loss and 90% of users report an increase in their quality of life. Although these devices do not reverse damage to your hearing, they offer significant improvements for your day-to-day communication.

Our Tucson audiologists will guide you through the process of selecting the best type of hearing aids for your individual needs. We take into account not only your hearing, but also how you want the device to look and any additional features you could benefit from. We will then fit you with the device and complete an orientation process that involves you and your family. This will include a discussion of reasonable expectations for how the device will impact your hearing as well as instructions for optimal use.


A person holding their hand up to their ear to represent listening strategies for those with hearing loss

Listening Strategies

While hearing aids can make a large impact, they are not the only strategy for managing your hearing loss. It is important that aural rehabilitation also addresses your auditory skills and helps you develop strategies for better communication. We will go over how you can use visual cues to make it easier to understand your loved ones. This gives you alternate ways to remain engaged in noisy environments or other situations when hearing is difficult, even with assistive devices.

An older couple talking on the couch after learning effective communication strategies from our Tucson audiologists

Communication Strategies

In addition to helping you listen more effectively, we can meet with your friends and family and teach them valuable strategies for communicating more effectively with you. We will address the tactics that work best at home and in louder settings.

An older couple smiling and learning how to deal with hearing loss

Coming to Terms with Hearing Loss

Even when you are getting the treatment you need, it can be difficult emotionally to come to terms with hearing loss. One of the most important aspects of our treatment plans is our commitment to helping you as an individual. We will talk with you, not only about the ways we can help, but also about your feelings and concerns during the process.

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