Hearing Aid Accessories

Hearing aids have become incredibly advanced over the years. In addition to the devices themselves, there are a variety of hearing aid accessories that can improve your quality of life. Along with required accessories like batteries and tools for cleaning, there are add-ons that are suited for a wide variety of needs and lifestyles.

Some common hearing aid accessories include:

Hearing Aid Dryer

Keeping your hearing aids dry and clean is important to ensure they keep working properly. A dryer or dehumidifier is beneficial if you do a lot of physical activity or expect that your hearing aids will be exposed to moisture for any reason. Depending on the model, a dehumidifier either uses a desiccant or ultraviolet (UV) light to dry out the hearing aid overnight.

Bluetooth Streamer Remote or App

If you have Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids, you can use them to connect with many different devices including your phone, tablet, television, and more. To easily switch between devices and control your hearing aid settings, you can use a streamer remote. If you prefer, you may also be able to download an application on your Android or iPhone and use this instead.

Retention Cord

Your hearing aids don’t have to impact your active lifestyle. A retention cord is a simple accessory that attaches your hearing aids to your clothing so they won’t get lost or damaged if they fall out. This is helpful for biking, horse riding, running, and similar activities. These can also be useful for children who wear hearing aids.

Remote Microphone

In loud environments, it can be difficult to follow a conversation even with hearing aids. A remote microphone can help with this. The way it works is that the microphone is either attached to the clothes of the person speaking or placed nearby. This then transmits the sound directly to your hearing aid. Remote microphones can be used in classrooms, restaurants, or other areas where background noise can make it hard to hear.

Assistive Listening Devices

There are a variety of other hearing devices that can help you communicate more easily. For example, you may benefit from a closed-caption telephone. This will show what someone is saying on the screen while you are talking so you can easily follow the conversation.

Finding the Best Hearing Aid Accessories for You

If you are not sure what accessories and features will be most beneficial for you, Alltones Audiology can help. Our ear doctors will discuss your needs and desires and make tailored recommendations. We provide hearing aids and accessories from a variety of manufacturers so you have many options to choose from.

Hearing Aid Consultation in Your Home

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