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Swimming Ear Plugs


Swimming is a fun activity and a great form of exercise. However, if you are swimming frequently, it can result in various ear problems including infections. One way to prevent this is with custom swimming ear plugs, also called swim molds. These block out water and protect your ears while you are swimming. They are especially important for anyone who suffers from chronic ear infections or who has had swimmer’s ear in the past. In addition to getting swim molds for yourself, you should consider having any young children who are swimming fitted, as this age group is more prone to ear infections.

More information about why swim molds are necessary:

Preventing Swimmer’s Ear

Swimmer’s ear, or otitis externa, is an infection of the external ear canal. It occurs due to water that becomes trapped in the ear. This creates a moist environment that promotes the reproduction of any bacteria that invades your ear canal. Although this infection can occur due to any exposure to water, such as bathing, swimming is the most common reason it develops.

Although swimmer’s ear starts with mild symptoms such as slight discomfort, it can quickly progress. At the advanced stage, this type of ear infection can cause temporary hearing loss, fever, and severe pain.

There are multiple ways to help prevent otitis externa, such as drying your ears thoroughly after swimming. However, if you are in the water frequently, this might not be enough to prevent an ear infection. When you use swimming ear plugs, they create a watertight seal so moisture does not enter your ear canal while swimming.

The Benefits of Professional Swimming Ear Plugs

Although you can find ear plugs for swimming at your local store, getting professionally-made custom swim molds can help ensure your ears are protected. Since the goal is to prevent water from becoming trapped in the ear canal, a proper seal is essential. Store-bought ear plugs usually don’t fit as tightly within your ear and some water can leak through. Having an audiologist complete the fitting process allows for a more accurate mold.

The Process of Fitting Swim Molds

Before being fitted for custom swimming ear plugs, your audiologist will examine your ear canal to make sure it is clear of wax. Ear wax removal may be necessary to make sure the mold fits your ear perfectly. Next, a small foam block will be inserted to protect your eardrum. You will also need to use a bite block to keep your mouth open during the impression process. This is to ensure that a tight seal is maintained even if you open your mouth while swimming. The audiologist will use a soft putty to fill your ear canal. This will set in about five minutes, at which point you can remove the bite block. The audiologist will then take the impression out and use it to make a final silicone ear plug. Getting an ear impression is painless and it makes it possible to create an accurate custom fit.

Custom Ear Protection

Alltones Audiology can help you protect and care for your ears. We offer customized swim molds as well as musician’s ear plugs, sleep plugs, and more. Our audiologists come directly to you so you can receive all the care you need in the comfort of your own home.

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